Karrson Heumann (Karrson Heumann) wrote in compgeekz,
Karrson Heumann
Karrson Heumann

BubbleCal: The crazy tool that gives you the opportunity to create calendars out of bubblegraphs!!!!

BubbleCal stands for Bubble Calendar. BubbleCal is a system that allows you to compose schedules out of bubble graphs. But that's not all! It allows you to fit goals for each day/week. You can also regard the fill week tool to create everyday in the week. Your schedules can be as long as you want. There is a back arrow that allows you to go to the previous week AKA the previous bubble graph and a forward button which takes you to the later week. BubbleCal allows you to go exclusive of bubble graphs/calendars. It combines them in to an inexpensive system that's from top to bottom cheap!

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